Still a Linux Enthusiast

Previously I wrote Linux Fanatic Turned Windows Pragmatist, where I described how I became a pragmatic user of Windows 10. In that post, I described my history with Linux and what caused my newfound acceptance of Windows 10. Notwithstanding, Linux remains my operating system of choice. I wanted to write this post to explain why I am still a Linux enthusiast.

1. Freedom

Linux gives me a greater breadth of freedom in how I use my computer. There are numerous desktop environments to choose from and customization is virtually limitless. I am not speaking of the often touted cliche, “its open source so you can just change it to do what you want,” because that is not realistic for even seasoned programmers. However, it is certainly more customizable than Windows or Mac OS because it is open source.

2. Updates (Security)

With the main Linux distributions, updates for bugs and vulnerabilities are often updated faster than Windows and Mac OS. No OS is particularly more secure than another; however, there are security advantages by using Linux. Since Windows is the most widely, there is more malware targeted for it, but Linux has better security policies and is inherently more secure.

3. Stability

Not always the case with desktop Linux, but I find it is more stable than Windows. Mac OS has an advantage in stability because Apple designs it specifically for Apple hardware. Nonetheless, over the past decade, desktop Linux has tremendously advanced stability. Even with “cutting edge” distros like Fedora and Arch, I have encountered fewer problems than Windows.

4. Privacy

Windows frequently “phones home” with telemetry and information that are not always apparent or known to its users. Although Apple is more privacy-focused, users have no control over what information is shared with Apple (if Apple’s business model ever changes so will its privacy policies).

5. Programming

I enjoy programming and tinkering with my computer and Linux provides me with greater programming flexibility.

I still love Linux, and I will update this post with more reasons and details…